2009 finances

If your congregation is still making out the budget for 2009, we’d like to talk.

I make it a point not to talk much about finances nor to harp on funding needs. But we anticipate a shortfall this next year, so circumstances require we do some fast footwork.

If 2009 is not an option for you, consider talking with us during our trip to the USA in May-June of next year, in terms of the second semester or 2010.

Why the shortfall? For years our funds have suffered as the dollar has steadily lost against the Brazilian currency. Last year, our sponsoring congregation, in an effort to help, froze our salary against the Real, which kept us from losing any further, but when the dollar rebounded for a while, it also kept us from recuperating anything lost over the past 7-8 years.

Both working fund and personal salary stand a chance of losing funding for this next year, though that is not yet certain.

There are people who live most of their time in the USA and take short trips overseas and raise thousands upon thousands of dollars for what they do. That’s between them and the Lord and the churches who see fit to contribute.

We live in Brazil, have lived here for 24 years, speak the language fluently, have adapted to the culture, take the long view and have suffered financially for our choices.

If your congregation is not able, please pass this appeal on to the elders, missions committee or brethren at other churches who might consider a monthly commitment or a one-time contribution.

So we’d appreciate, at least, prayers on our behalf and an opportunity to share what we are doing in the kingdom, for you to considering sharing in this work with us.

Write us at jas@randalmatheny.com for information, browse around the website at places like Seven Pillars, which explains our approach to the work, or the work archives.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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