Was it the number 13? I doubt
This primal myth had much to do
With his decision to cop out —
On a word, and we without a clue.

His issues aren’t us, but him.
For 13 years, he and I
Were friends, but always skirting the rim.
He’s gone, and I’ve no reason why.

Some private sin? We’ll never know.
One day he stood and spoke and left.
The church remains, dazed and low,
And of a blessed friend bereft.

I have a meeting a 3, to talk with Jorge about recent events and hotel rental in Taubate, then I leave at 4 for the board meeting of the children’s home, two hours away in Cabreuva. Won’t be back until late, after 10 probably.

Vicki will stay here for the ladies’ meeting at 3, which we thought was best, considering the circumstances, a chance for her to share with them about the recent events at SJC.

Tomorrow will be a Very Full Day: meeting with the men after church to see where we are after our beloved brother’s departure; visit to hospital in Taubate where Valeria is on the last leg, it would seem.

Monday is a long way away.

BZeal — Zeal for God’s House

Valeria, from the Taubate church, was hospitalized today with a collapsed lung, which doctors say is irreversible, according to her mother Deolinda.

Valeria has fought breast cancer for several years, with multiple chemotherapy treatments and three surgeries, the latest a complete hysterectomy.

Recently, doctors discovered three tumors in her brain.

Please pray for Valeria and her family during this difficult moment.

Valeria is in her mid-30s with two small children. Her husband abandoned the home after she was diagnosed with cancer.

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