This just appeared from the Christian Chronicle in a notice entitled Why we revised advertising policy:

“The advertising policy of The Christian Chronicle, as determined by the Chief Executive Officer, is to accept ads that publicize Christian services, ministries, events and products that we deem to be of general interest to our readers.

• “Additionally, ads must clearly have a positive, harmonious Christian spirit that is consistent with the threefold mission of the paper to inform, inspire and unite.
• “Because the Chronicle is a Christian newspaper, ads that are statements of doctrinal positions or negative pronouncements about people, churches or ministries will not be included.”

Hot on the heels of an ad that lists brethren who believe instrumental music violates the Lord’s will for the church’s worship, the Christian Chronicle now refuses to accept “statements of doctrinal positions.”

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“Brinco mosquicida é novidade da Ouro Fino”

I saw the title in the RSS feed: “Fly-killing earring is novelty of Ouro Fino [Fine Gold]”.

“Mosquito” here means “fly,” though once in a while some will call a mosquito that. (Mosquito = pernilongo.)

With the bad problem we have with mosquitos, I was ready to go home and announce to my wife I was going to start wearing an earring.

Until I opened the article and discovered it was for cattle. 🙂

We’re officially on foot today. We got a replacement car from the insurance company for a week, had to turn it in today. Our car should be out of the shop (from a lady backending Vicki) around Nov. 8, so we’ll be hoofing it or riding the bus until then. Though the damages weren’t as great as my accident, the inconvenience is going to be greater.

It’s gotten expensive to rent a car, as we did in February when the car was being repaired after somebody backended me.

Folha Online – Dinheiro – Dólar fecha a R$ 1,75, a menor cotação desde abril de 2000 – 29/10/2007

“Dólar fecha a R$ 1,75, a menor cotação desde abril de 2000”

Translation: “The dollar closed (today, 28 Oct) at R$1,75, the lowest rate since April, 2000.” I don’t know what was happening in 2000, but we weren’t hurting then as we are now. This is another new low for the dollar. We wonder how much lower it can drop.

The Brigada Brigade » Blog Archive » The Backpage: The Trouble with Change

“When we can see that change is on the horizon, here’s Doug’s top-seven ways to soften the blow. Try them out on your next big shift and see what happens.

“*** 1 – If there are ‘victims’ of the change, give them whatever choices you can. Let them be part of the decision.”

Good general article on how to handle change when it happens to you.

“Love does not inquire into the character of the recipient but it asks what he needs. It does not love him because he is such-and-such a person but because he is there. In all this it is quite the opposite of natural love: it ‘does not seek its own.’ It does not perform the characteristic natural impulse of love and life. Therefore it is basically independent of the conduct of the other person; it is not conditional but absolute. It wants nothing for itself but only for others. Therefore it is also not vulnerable. It never ‘reacts’ but is always ‘spontaneous,’ emerging by its own strength – rather, from the power of God. Love is the real God-likeness of man for which he has been created. In so far as love is in man he really resembles God and shows himself to be the child of God.” –Emil Brunner

So. What do you need?

Let me discover it, perhaps without your asking.

Let me study you, your features and flaws, your strengths and struggles.

Let me weigh my words to fit your mood, adjust my acts to your marbled makeup.

Let me hear without judgment, accept without conditions, offer without strings.

Let me not reflect your ups and downs, but the constancy of God’s mercy.

Let me not love you with the waxing and waning of my emotions, but with the evenness of God’s purpose.

I ask this, not of you, for I will love you with our without your permission, but of God, from whom comes the example, the overflowing and the power to love.

Why Open Source misses the point of Free Software – GNU Project – Free Software Foundation (FSF)

“Free software. Open source. If it’s the same software, does it matter which name you use? Yes, because different words convey different ideas.”

Spiritual applications here. Words do matter. Does it matter if it’s immersion in water for forgiveness of sins or because of it? If it’s the same act, does it matter how we describe it? Yes, because the different words convey starkly different concepts.

Lord’s supper or mass? People eat bread in a religious ceremony. (In the latter, only the priest drinks the wine.) If it’s the same act of eating, does it matter which name we call it? Yes, because different words convey different ideas.

Baptist Church. Catholic Church. Church of God. Does it matter what we call it? Absolutely, for the descriptions denote totally different realities.

You take it from here … Degrees of Separation::By Burt Prelutsky

“… the right to bear arms was inviolate. Then, one day, some addle-brained leftist woke up and decided to revoke the Second Amendment, and, what’s more, to make the issue a plank in the Democratic platform. Then, when law-abiding gun owners spoke up on their own behalf, the left accused them of being divisive.”

Exactly what’s happening in the church now. The progressives accuse those of us who have stood fast of being divisive when they’re the ones who cause the division. Diversionary tactic …