* My MacBook might get fixed tomorrow for a halfway decent price. That would be spiffy.

* Listening to B.B. King on an acoustic blues radio station. Another plus for the Internet.

* Was 55°F this morning when I got up. That’s cold for here, this time of year.

* The barber didn’t do such a good job this afternoon. Anybody got a hat?

* No Shoals Area Missions Forum this year, again, in Florence AL. Lack of interest? How can that be?

* Talent that grew up or produced near my stompin grounds: Ernest Hemingway, John Grisham, Johnny Cash, Black Oak Arkansas. Not bad for them backwoods.

* Daughter-in-law still chuggin along, doctor didn’t put her on bedrest Monday. Go. Tansy.

* Looks like I won’t make it to Arkansas by Friday to help officiate at Uncle Arvel’s funeral. I’m sorry about that.

* Uncle Arvel was an artist, he loved to paint. He also had a huge, really huge, collection of Indian arrowheads and other artifacts, found in the fields around Stonewall AR.

* Today’s reading: 1 Cor 3. Tomorrow, 1 Cor 4. Come along. And join up at the prayer site, BelievingPrayer.com.


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