Here are a few details of our trip to teach on the NT church in the ministry training program in August. (Coming up in next report, the work details.)

  1. Each day began with a devotional led by either the program director or one of the students.
  2. After our breaks, I’d ask male students to lead us in prayer and song. The presence of God livened our hearts.
  3. On Thursday I taught the students a song I had translated. Vicki pulled out one I had written and we sang it too.
  4. Vicki made brownies for the students on Thursday afternoon, biscuits on Friday morning. They want me to come back to teach again. Wonder why?
  5. The school uses our hymnal for their devotionals and other moments, and they bought 10 more, which I delivered em mãos, personally.
  6. The school’s classroom where I held the intensive course this month (and back in 2010) is air-conditioned. Good, since temps are always high in western Brazil.
  7. Going through security at both São Paulo and Campo Grande airports, we did not have to remove shoes from feet nor laptops from carry-ons.
  8. A help-yourself fast-food place, near where we stayed, trusts you to tell the cashier what you ate when you pay as you leave. They’ve been in business for decades.
  9. Students came from four or five different states to study in the two-year full-time program.
  10. Vicki mentioned that a highlight for her was meeting Jose and Lourdes Balabuch, he now the evangelist for the Centro congregation, and touching base again with friends Marcelo and Leir Mourão.

We arrived on a Monday and left the following Saturday, so a lot was packed into that space. We were encouraged and hoped we had blessed at least one person, which was our prayer going in.

What do you think?