Glory for shining

The glory is God’s, so we repent of our sins, confess the truth, and acknowledge that he is holy and just. May God forgive us and shine his face upon us. His glory is in his mercy, his praise in his power!

Glory for caring

To the one and only God who cares deeply for his daughters and sons, who watches day and night over his people, who values them more highly the the birds of the sky and the flowers of the field, to him be all glory and honor!

Glory for encompassing

God’s love is all-encompassing. He loves every single individual, no matter what the person has done. God wants to show his love in a special way. He desires our love in return. He will never stop loving, but to draw near to him we must believe and obey. This, too, is a sign of his love. God be praised for such wonderful love!

Glory for Fountain

O Being of all beings, Fountain of all light and glory, gracious Father of man and Angels, whose universal Spirit is everywhere present, giving life, and light, and joy, to all Angels in Heaven, and all creatures upon earth, be praised among your people!

—Based on Wm. Law, A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life, 173.