Glory for listening

Everything begins and ends with God. He knows all, but he can change the course of events through prayer. He is immutable, but willing to answer our supplications. He does things he would not do otherwise if we did not ask. He will do his will, but desires we cooperate in it. Glory to God for listening!

Glory for intentions

The ways of God are not mysterious. He has revealed them to us. Many things he does are above us, beyond our comprehension, but it is not because he wants to hide something from us. God’s intentions are always good and honorable. We can know about God and know him personally in the Bible, where he reveals himself. Glory to God for good intentions!

Glory for fruition

God is ageless, timeless, always the same. He has adapted his dealings with humankind according to the stage of his plan, but now that his Son Jesus Christ has come, he now speaks through him. To know God, we must know Christ. To hear God, we must hear his Son. We are in the last days, and for this we ought to praise him and give him glory, for we have seen the great plan come to fruition.

Glory for unlikeness

The Lord knows everything: what we do, how we think, what motivates our actions. He is not like a man; he cannot be deceived. We can sometimes deceive others, and even ourselves, but not God. Glory belongs to him for his knowledge and truth.

Glory for invisibility

The God whom we glorify works out of our sight. We cannot see all that he does. We know little of his providence. Sometimes, but not always, we glimpse his hand after the fact. So we trust him, believe his promises, glory in his invisible work. “Just as you do not know the path of the wind, or how the bones form in the womb of a pregnant woman, so you do not know the work of God who makes everything” Eccl 11.5. Glory to God whose work is like himself—unseen and powerful! (See also Psa 77.19. H/t Weylan Deaver.)