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I'm J. Randal Matheny in Brazil, and this is my personal site. About | Devotionals | UPLift | Cloudburst Poetry | More | Archives

Thinking the Lord neither rewards or punishes is dangerous

Zephaniah 1.12: Wrong thoughts about God bring bad consequences.

On the high places, the devil

It’s not only in the low point of life that Satan tempts us.

UPLift: The Best I Can

God makes it happen! The harvest is his. In time, he makes fruit bear. Hallelujah!

UPLift: Ignore

Meter grows and wanes in this short one-stanza piece.

Glory for power

Glory to God for his power that saves us from forces too strong for us.

Qualities to get to your goals

Floating is good for a recreational river trip downstream, but not for life.

First … then

Matthew 7.5: The Lord does not forbid correcting others. On the contrary!

UPLift: The Neutral Mind

Short and not so sweet, but designed to make those mental cogs engage.

No new vision needed, thanks very much

Eph 3.11: Forget those who offer a new vision for a new day.

UPLift: Where Faith Will Turn to Sight

It’s when we will see the fruits of our labors on earth.

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