Glory for heart

David reminded Saul of the old proverb, “From evil people evil proceeds.” We can expect evil things from evil people. We can expect all people to act in their own interests. But God and his people are different. To them this proverb applies, “From the good heart good overflows.” Glory to God for his good heart!

Glory for life

When disaster strikes, we ask, “Where is God?” But every day God asks where we are. God gives life. If he allows us life today, it is because he wants us to repent and come to him. Glory to God for life today!

Glory for thunder

When God revealed himself to the Israelites, it sounded like thunder. He is powerful. He answered them from a dark thundercloud. Thunder is the symbol of divine power, vengeance, and deliverance. Glory to God for showing us his thunder!

Glory for oath

God’s promises are solemn. He is serious about fulfilling them. He seals them with an oath. He pledges by his own self to bring everything to pass that he has said he will do. God will not change his plan nor alter his rules. Glory to God for his oath!

Glory for Spirit

Glory to the Lord for his Spirit which abides in us, the powerful, loving, orderly Spirit, who conquers our fears, strengthens our hands, and directs our energies for fruit that remains.