Will you fail the test?

John 6.6: Jesus knows what he plans to do.

Control Is God’s

A short piece about God’s sovereignty and our work, as we go on the run.

At Pine Knott church

We enjoyed visiting my sister’s congregation.

How Sad That Day

A poem of judgment. Yup, final judgment.

The Distant Place

And how do you see the past?

No Prints in Galilee

UPLift: A short work amazed with the Incarnation.

A Steady Servant

A poem written for the funeral of my dad.

The World Is Tilted Toward the Absurd

UPLift: What a contrast between the world of men and the kingdom of God.

UPLift: What Cheerful Word

Recount for us the crown of glory.

Man May Resist Today

UPLift: More positive than at first glance.

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