Glory for seeing

Glory to God, for nothing is hidden from his sight, not the world of the dead, not the depth of the seas, nor the secrets of outer (to us) space. He sees all, he knows all, even the thoughts and intents of our hearts, the struggles of the will, the convoluted reasonings of the human mind far from him. The darkness hides nothing from him, and in our private spaces he hears our pleas. Praise the all-seeing God!

Glory for holiness

Glory to God who shows himself holy against the dark backdrop of man’s sin. He sanctifies and purifies by the blood of Christ. The Lord ever stands apart from the growing pollutions of the world. God provides his people a path to escape the corruption that is in the world produced by evil desire. He deserves our praise!

Glory for action

God deserves all the praise. He has done it all. We merely respond positively to his powerful and grace-filled actions. God is the subject, and all the verbs are his. He reveals, saves, calls, redeems, sanctifies, preserves, equips, transforms, loves, judges, disciplines, sends, and blesses. So let us make him the object of our praise!

Glory with fear

Revere the Lord with fear and trembling! Terrifying thing it is to fall into the hands of the living God, the righteous Judge! His name is holy — woe to him who speaks it without meaning! The glory is God’s, and we must honor him fully or face the consequences!

Glory for music

Glory to God for music of the soul to raise to his heights, for worship in spirit and truth, for teaching through song, for the blessing of stirring one another’s hearts in the fellowship of hymns, for the swelling of thanksgiving in the cadence of singing. He puts the song of praise on our lips!

Glory for working

God works upon our hearts, our minds, our wills, our consciences. His word affects us deeply. His Spirit changes us into the image of the Son. The Cross brings forgiveness and inner cleansing. God is at work in us. He fills and fulfills. He repairs our brokenness. He reaches the inner person that no other can touch. Praise him, praise him, praise him!