More loyal

The Levites obeyed your word
and guarded your covenant.
They were more loyal to you
than to their own parents.
They ignored their relatives
and did not acknowledge their own children.
Dt 33.9 NLT

After the Israelites worshiped the golden calf in the desert, Moses ordered the faithful to kill the sinners among the people, Exodus 32. The Levites fulfilled the order and were blessed by God for it. The Lord reserves a blessing for him who obeys his commandments instead of bowing before the desire to be accepted by one’s loved ones.

Translated from the Portuguese-language devotional

A fire that burns completely

Such sin is like a fire that burns until it destroys everything.
It would completely ruin my life’s work.
Job 31.12 ERV

Many a ruler has been toppled after getting caught in some crime or moral offense. Not a few of God’s people have also lost influence and destroyed their ministry as well. Job defends himself with his knowledge of what sin would do to his life and service to God. He takes the long view, rather than succumb to the momentary desire. Sin destroys, and it destroys completely. This knowledge will keep many a saint from the wrong step.


Day by day

Day by day, O Lord, let us ardently seek your presence, lovingly walk with you and willingly spend ourselves in your service. At the day’s end let us not be found hiding our talents nor at the end of our life be unready to rise up and meet you in the feast of your kingdom; through Christ our Lord. Amen.

—Richard Baxter (1615-1691)


As you look back upon all you have passed through

This paragraph by A.B. Simpson meant much to me.

Some day even you, trembling faltering one, shall stand upon those heights that Joshua knew. As you look back upon all you have passed through, all you have narrowly escaped, all the perils through which He guided you, the stumblings through which He guarded you and the sins from which He saved you; you will shout, with a meaning you cannot understand now, Salvation to our God, which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb (Revelation 7:10).

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