Glory for newness

Glory to God who gives us constant reason to exalt his Name! Glory to him who still moves in this world and never absents himself from advancing his purpose! Glory to the Lord whose majesty ever enthralls and calls us to involve ourselves in himself! Glory to the Almighty who fills our eyes by renewing mercies each morning that we rise!

Glory for variety

Glory to God for variety, in creation among animals and plants, across mountains, valleys, deserts and seas; in people, with different sizes, colors, shapes, personality types, ways of thinking; in language, in manner of expression, in poetry and prose; in seasons of time and life! Praise him whose variety is life and in which is the unity of his purpose!

Glory for right mind

Give glory to God who puts us in our right mind, who calms the inner demons to bring the peace of Christ to our hearts, who erects impenetrable barriers against worry, anxiety, and insecurity, who produces strength of will and zeal for him, who restores the soul and ushers us into his holy presence! Praise to the Lord who speaks and acts and accomplishes all that he plans!

Lk 8.26-39.