What seeing the presence of God in others will do

Ephesians 4.6: Seeing where God is will make us also see keenly where he is not.

Are we mercenary or missionary?

Here’s one man’s political list. What’s your spiritual list?

The real troublemakers and what makes them such

They are guilty of what they accuse us of.

A suggestion for Donald Trump’s favorite verse

Trump declined to name his favorite verse. Here’s one for him.

UPLift: With Love

What does this poem have to do with Johnny Cash?

UPLift: Better

Quatrain contrasts killing attitudes with the right combination.

UPLift: No Place I’d Rather Be

Eight short lines of pentameter on a perennial favorite subject.

‘Use freedom wisely, spread freedom widely’

Two uses of our freedom.

UPLift: Love Is Kind

A quatrain with some powerful inspiration behind it.

Love and hate, sin and sinners

Psa 62.11-12: Hear these two principles.

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