J. Randal

Glory to God for the ability to communicate instantaneously with others across the globe and, more importantly still, for the privilege of communicating freely at any time with the Creator of the universe and the Father of spirits.

J. Randal

Glory to God who wears a thousand titles of grandeur and majesty and effulgence and forbids that man appropriate to himself any laurels or merit.

Megachurch head Mark Driscoll

When men get away from the Bible, these are the types of things that happen, and they are not atypical.

The church’s bylaws, which spell out how the church is governed, are not public.

Itching ears will submit to anything. That's how Mark Driscoll could assemble an empire. ...continue reading


A new little arrangement for getting my daily items done includes giving glory to God. It's the crown of the ten-item list, yet to be found in popular books on the subject. In all one does, glory should be given to God. "Whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God" 1Co 10.31 NET. But the purpose behind the activity needs to be explicit. So this is the meta-item that takes them all in. ...continue reading

J. Randal

Glory to God for creating husband and wife, children and families, to provide intimacy and love, to give a place for acceptance, and to hint at the greater, eternal relationship with the heavenly Father in Christ.


Some Christians are converted out of the world, where they had little or no religious background. They become Christians, but after a time they bump into the Lordship of Jesus Christ, in practical living. So when he orders something they don't like, they leave the Way and join a denomination that permits them to follow their human desires. And there they stay, talking about Jesus as Lord and Savior, but denying his sovereignty over their lives, thinking that God will approve of their religion. ...continue reading