Glory for detail

God notices every detail. He knows the numbers of hairs on our heads. He takes care of the needs of the smallest creatures. God is in both the universe and the atom. After all, he created it all. Glory to God for his attention to detail!

Glory for desire

God doesn’t allow just anyone in his presence. He wants to have a relationship with everyone, but each person must accept the cleansing that comes from Jesus’ blood. Only through the Cross can we know God. We have no inherent right to approach the Lord. But he offers the way, if we are willing to follow it. Praise be to God for his desire to be known!

Glory for verification

God gave all people a way to verify his truth. The Good News contains facts to be believed, truths to be accepted, principles to be followed, promises to be received, commands to be obeyed, life to be enjoyed, a mission to be fulfilled. We must obey from the heart that pattern of teaching that God entrusted us to. Praise to God for the discernment he gives that we might know his Good News!

Glory for uniqueness

God is not created. He is eternal. He was and is and always will be. No one else is like God. Angels and demons are created beings. No one deserves worship besides God. Only God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit deserve our submission and obedience. Glory to God for his uniqueness!

Glory for control

God never acts impulsively. He always acts according to his eternal plan. God does not lose control of himself. Man’s struggle is for self-control. God is in control of himself and the universe. Glory to God for his divine control!