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I'm J. Randal Matheny in Brazil, and this is my personal site. About | Devotionals | UPLift | Cloudburst Poetry | More | Archives

On the high places, the devil

It’s not only in the low point of life that Satan tempts us.

UPLift: The Best I Can

God makes it happen! The harvest is his. In time, he makes fruit bear. Hallelujah!

UPLift: Ignore

Meter grows and wanes in this short one-stanza piece.

Glory for power

Glory to God for his power that saves us from forces too strong for us.

Qualities to get to your goals

Floating is good for a recreational river trip downstream, but not for life.

First … then

Matthew 7.5: The Lord does not forbid correcting others. On the contrary!

UPLift: The Neutral Mind

Short and not so sweet, but designed to make those mental cogs engage.

No new vision needed, thanks very much

Eph 3.11: Forget those who offer a new vision for a new day.

UPLift: Where Faith Will Turn to Sight

It’s when we will see the fruits of our labors on earth.

Two statements of Jesus’ authority for two different moments

Matthew 9.6 and 28.18: Similar statements show some amazing contrasts.

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