Heavy stomach, light heart

I pray your day holds as much opportunity!

Glory to God who earns our trust, deserves our praise, shows himself faithful in all things and at all times, and displays his goodness in ways we have yet to dream of.

Daily notes: Bother, recipe, Malaysia, Ireland, important links, reading

Hodge-podge of a mind with pieces scattered around.

Third time’s charm, or God is always on time

John 21.14: Whenever he moves and acts, God has perfect timing

Arrived home safely

Clockwork. Smooth. That was our trip from Nashville to SJCampos. We arrived safely and whole, grateful to be back at home.

Vicki and Tessa

Taken just before Tessa’s bedtime yesterday. It was a long day. She went shopping with Aunt Yeiya (Leila) and Vovó, took a long nap, had a great time at Judah’s birthday party. And still finished up smiling!

Family photo with kids and grandkids

This was taken today at Judah’s big pirate party for his third birthday, in Mt Juliet TN. He’s the pirate kid in the back behind Vicki in his dad’s arms. It was good to have all our kids together.

Meet-up with college friends

It’s been, what?, 30 years since we’ve seen them.

Translating the Wednesday night Chorale presentation

Now, a nice photo from Wed. night’s Chorale presentation.

Glory to God for his providence in our lives, for making things happen for our good, for bringing his rich blessing to meet us in our time of need, for moving his invisible hand at just the right time.

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