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To love and keep God’s rules still applies today

Psalm 119.167: This statement is, and should be, true also for Christians.

Who needs a reason?

Psalm 26.3: Christians need right reasons for what they do.

Cloudburst: Wisps

A Cloudburst offering we’ve put online, to provoke thought over the nature of life.

The rubber-stamp God

Jeremiah 42.3: The words were perfect. The sentiment was exactly as it should have been.

Nobody missed him

Acts 5.6: The description of his burial is short and curt. No honors here.

UPLift: Simple Man

A short seven-line poem on how to be a simple person.

Make the celestial man visible by your actions

1Cor 15.49: Effort on our part is necessary for this transformation to occur. What we do in the time before the resurrection makes a difference.

The prayer of simplicity

Luke 11.3: You want simplicity? Or do you just think that you do?

My little secret and the secret of the text

Acts 20.21: This proposed solution to a difficulty in interpretation seems to cover the bases.

If we are really on the Lord’s side

2 Kings 10.6: Loyalty exacts a high price. Are we willing to pay it?

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